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Reasons Why You Need To Install Blinds

One of the quickest ways to change the look and feel of your home and your living space is by installing blinds, and to do that, Mal Givelle team is here to do it for you, without charging an arm and a leg. However, this is not about us doing the work for you, but we are here to tell you why you should be inclined towards installing blinds and ditch those curtains.

You can upgrade the aesthetics of your space by giving it a contemporary vibe or maybe a Hampton chic style or how about a complete traditional style. You may have your reasons to either consider installing blinds for aesthetics upgrade or maybe for practicality, but as long as you have your reasons decided, here are few reasons why you need to install decent blinds in your home or maybe in your office.

1. Control How Much Light You Want

Let’s be pretty honest here, curtains may be pretty and all, but if you open them, you let in all the light, even though you do not want that. And even if you keep your curtains closed, the light still peaks in, hence, there isn’t much benefit of having curtains. However, blinds let you control how much light you want in, and if you shut it down completely, no light comes in. So if you like to keep your room dark when you wish it, light creaking through is not your cup of tea, or maybe you have a home theater in your room, you can get tight slats installed when doing your blinds. 

2. Aesthetics and Theme

No matter how pretty pattern you may pick out for your curtains, it still won’t be able to fit any or all theme and aesthetics you want to achieve. The best thing about blinds is you can install them anywhere, be it in your washroom in front of the ventilator, in your kitchen, your room, your lounge, living space, anywhere, blinds are versatile in this regard and can be customized to fit any theme you want. Not only it comes with a manual adjustment setting but if you want to touch the peak of luxury, you can get roller blinds Newcastle installed too. Either of which can come in any colour, shades and sizes.

3. Don’t Worry About Maintenance

Unlike curtains that would require a wash to remove the dust in it and give it a fresh look, blinds are very easy to maintain, all it requires is a wipe using a damp cloth and that’s it. No professional help is required to clean it, you can easily do it yourself, either daily or at interval of days. Now doesn’t that make you choose blinds over curtains?

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