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Marriage is definitely one of the most special relation in one’s life, but if due to reasons unresolved it starts crumbling and two people decide that they cannot live together anymore, it is better that they timely separate instead of letting things get worsened. To legally end a marriage you would need a lawyer who would not only look into as to why you want to end this marriage and will also advice you what is better for you, such as terms and conditions etc. your lawyer would also look after all the paper work.  And in case you have children in a marriage, things can further complicate as many a time both parents demand for custody of children, and hence the matters are to be decided by the court. All this can be extremely difficult for you to manage and to ease out at least the legal procedures, you would need a lawyer.

There are numerous law firms in Australia, but one among them that is well known for the quality of its service is TJ Legal, full form being Terry Johnson Legal. They believe in assisting all those living through these difficult times in their lives by making sure that they can hire a probate lawyers Civic for their case within price that is affordable. This is one of the most important feature, as it is a fat well known that legal procedures in general are expensive and time consuming, so this way making their services customer friendly, they make sure that a larger section of the population can reach out to them in times of distress.

If you haven’t heard about them before, this is all that you need to know about them. They deal with a list of legal cases some of which are: separation of family units, divorce matters, making of will, transferring power of attorney to someone else’s name, buying a home, and selling of a property just to name a few.  The law firm is named after the man himself Terry Johnson. As far as his qualification is concerned, he has graduated from University of Sydney with a degree in law and after that he completed his master in best Divorce lawyers Civic from there. He holds a degree of honors in Asian studies and has also majored in Mandarin Chinese at Australian National University. As far as his practice is concerned, he has worked in government as well as cooperate law and then after a few years has directed towards family laws and the respective cases.

In case you are interested in discussing with them your case, you can contact them by calling at any of the two numbers:  (02) 6262 9376 and 0448 237 662. Another way to contact is through email at: Once you have talked to them, mutually decide upon a day, date and time that are suitable to you and them and meet. The first session is free of cost, so you must avail this opportunity.

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